The Turkish American Cultural Society (TACS) is an organization that works toward expanding awareness and understanding of Turkish culture in the United States and strengthening the Turkish community residing in the US.



It’s in our name because it is our heritage. We take pride in introducing our rich, visual history in the arts and architechture to our surrounding community. TACS celebrates music, food, performance art, fine art, photography, sculpture, pottery, textile, fashion and Turkish design that influences every sector of life.

This society promotes the many modern Turkish accomplishments in science, technology and the arts while paying homage to the layered cultural past it has all evolved from.



TACS provides an open forum to serve the unique needs of the Turkish-American community. The organization is here to assist Turks living in America with a range of services from ESL language classes to cultural guidance and help assimilating into the community. The Turkish American Cultural Society reflects an aura of family and friends reminding those away from home of our traditions and meaningful holidays.



Turks and Americans work side by side to improve quality of life, social progress, cultural interpretations, economic prosperity, and human rights equality. TACS fosters feelings of goodwill amongst its neighbors. They too are invited to join in and learn about the Turkish people, community and traditions in an effort to promote harmony between Turks and Americans throughout the United States.