The guiding principle of the TACS mission is to communicate Turkish culture and traditions throughout the US in an effort to increase understanding, friendship and dialog between Americans and Turks living in the US. Our mission supports Turkish-Americans in persute of more productive lives in the US through educational and social programs. Further, the organization’s work includes showcasing the values of the New Turkey to the community at large through events, newsletters and exhibitions.

In the American melting pot of cultures there can be mixed, overlapping messages; TACS ensures the modern Turkish lifestyle and its principals are highlighted throughout its communications. Clarity of Turkish traditions and tastes are presented in a manner for all to enjoy and experience.

There are a range of TACS activities taking place to improve Turkish-American’s quality of life and relations with the wider community.

TACS does the following:

  • Advocate in support of the Turkish-American community living in the United States.
  • Provide a forum that serves the needs of the Turkish-American community with regards to improving quality of life issues, business opportunities, health care, and education accessibility.
  • Showcase a complete range of Turkish arts and culture in America.
  • Fund educational programs and scholarships.
  • Nurture economic opportunities between Turkey and the United States.

The Turkish American Cultural Society is dedicated to communicating the Turkish point of view through the beautiful, storied, historic, visual culture of it’s past that has lead to its undeniable accomplishments today.